I have been training with Toby on a one to one basis for over 3 years now. I like his relaxed yet focussed style. No shouting. No judgement. Just plenty of patience, encouragement and understanding of obstacles that face us all in reaching our goals. He has always been supportive during the times where performance may plateau and no progress appears to be made and he will also share the joy of achieving new Personal Best targets. Toby's style and personality set him apart from others in the fitness world and his natural caring nature shines through when helping clients to get the results they wish. The reviews that he carries out ensure everyone stays aware and concentrated on the desired results and outcomes. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone thinking of improving their overall health.
Paul Nathan

I have been having personal training with Toby for around two years and I cannot praise him enough. Toby has helped me to exceed a number of personal goals through focussed, individual training. Whilst he always pushes to get the most out of me through core exercises in a safe outdoor environment, it is always done in a supportive manner without an aggressive or judgemental 'boot camp' mentality. Toby is approachable and keen to listen and to understand my personal objectives. I am not a gym junkie - I actually hate exercise - however, Toby's approach has given me the results I want with a couple of thirty minute sessions a week. These are results I never saw when forcing myself to the gym to do cardio exercises for hours at a time!
Duncan Shaw, 40, Management Consultant and FA Qualified Football Coach

Training with Toby is a great experience on a number of different levels. Firstly there is the physical challenge which is monitored by Toby and means there is a continual though not impossible challenge. Although the session is only half an hour you feel thoroughly worked by the end of it. There is also a sense of achievement and uplift once you have come through it. This likewise translates to the mental side of trepidation, challenge and fulfilment. Aside from this the character and disposition of this one to one coaching means despite the pain there is also fun and ultimately ..... gain !
Brian Burke

Toby makes working towards my health and fitness goals enjoyable, productive and simple. It's a refreshing change from anything I've done previously. He always keeps it interesting at training sessions and leaves you feeling like you've achieved something; he frequently proves me wrong about what I think my limitations are and shows me I'm capable of much more. Toby's passion for health, strength training and all things nutrition is motivating, a pleasure to be around and is evident in the way he works; it's obvious he is good at and genuinely invested in helping people realise their goals.
Claire Sookun

I was a client of Toby's for almost 2 years. I can honestly say that he changed my life! Or at least my attitude towards fitness and nutrition. One thing I really valued was that he made me question things, question limitations I had in my head. Toby is so much more than just a PT. He very quickly became a much valued friend and I really looked forward to my weekly sessions. His emphasis is always on form and preventing injury and to this day people always compliment me on my form for press-ups and chin-ups and deadlifts. When I first started with Toby I couldn't do one press-up! Two years on I could bang out 20 strict press-ups without breaking and I finally achieved my goal of one strict chin-up! We used to talk about food a lot! Toby's knowledge on food and nutrition is second to none with his emphasis being plant based. If you are thinking about training with Toby, just do it! You won't regret it! A sad loss for Baldock but Oakham have gained someone very special!

I cannot recommend Toby highly enough. Training with Toby gave me a fresh approach to exercise and also towards nutrition. It would be fair to say that he has helped to transform the way my family eats and for the first time in my life, I have consistently exercised without getting bored or trying to find excuses to avoid going. He charges very reasonable rates and goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals (not to mention the free counselling session between sets). Toby has become a great friend and is still motivating us to get stronger and to eat better.
Emma Scott

I started training with Toby to lose the weight I'd gained when pregnant and to get fitter. His friendly but persistent manner means that you'll always leave a session feeling better and energised. And if you're lucky you might have hit a personal best or two as well! Toby is always on hand with clean living advice and our discussions always inspired me to try and eat healthily. Even after I lost the weight I stuck with Toby because the sessions were so enjoyable and I loved the feeling that each session was just that little bit harder but I could do it. I would definitely recommend Toby as a personal trainer to people of all ages - he has a keen ability to match your fitness level to a suitable workout.