Make Accountable Targets


We'll start with a relaxed conversation, encompassing all areas of your training. We will see if we can preempt any challenges that may arise and discuss your fun journey ahead. Your health does not mean living in the gym; far from it. Talking in the beginning is essential, working out your goals, why you want them and then how you are going to attain them.

Your Strength and Fitness Progression


There are so many benefits to 1:1 training. Primarily, you have someone to hold you accountable; providing motivation at times when you may lack it. Form is so very important and I pride myself on being thorough on form. It can make the difference between gaining strength and injuring yourself. I am highly trained and experienced in assessing and correcting posture when exercising, encouraging fluid movement and progressive strength gains.

I'm not one who says everything is fine if there's a problem.


I want to help you hit your target. I believe we should all enjoy good health: we all deserve this. So I will be nothing but supportive and honest with you. If you ask me whether you should run a half marathon with poor nutrition, little sleep and no preparation, I will tell you "no", and then help you get there in a safe and effective manner. Having the right mindset is important. When your mental state is in a good place, so is your exercise. I will work with you to develop a healthy mind AND body.